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Original, nice, solid garden house for children with a terrace and shutters
  • Original, nice, solid garden house for children with a terrace and shutters

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    A garden house that will provide your child with many attractions and unforgettable moments.

    Made with the utmost care and from solid materials, so your child will be able to use it without any worries for many years.

    The house has a gable roof, made of soffit, and a chimney.

    Each window is decorated with pine shutters cut into a pattern. Additionally, there are flower pots under the windows where the child can grow their own flowers, herbs, etc.

    The house has a spacious terrace and a lockable door.

    There are also chalk boards inside.

    Thanks to its large dimensions, the house offers great arrangement possibilities and freedom of space while playing, both in the house and on the terrace.

    Our house is distinguished by its unique design and quality of workmanship that will not disappoint and will serve many seasons.

    We use coniferous wood and water-based/attested paints for production, which makes our garden house durable, safe for children and ecological.

    Detailed dimensions:

    total dimensions of the house with a terrace

    (width/depth/height) 200/300/180 cm

    total dimensions of the house

    (width/depth/height) 200/200/180 cm

    total dimensions of the terrace

    (width/depth) 100/100 cm

    door height: 130cm

    area of the house inside 4 m2


    construction 70/70 mm, spruce

    floor floor board thickness 22mm; pine

    terrace floor, terrace board, thickness 28mm; spruce

    walls, double-sided wainscoting, thickness 14mm; pine

    roof soffit thickness 14mm; spruce

    paint impregnating layer + 2 layers of color - water-based, ecological paint / 2 layers of wood oil (terrace floor)

    -no sharp edges

    -glass or plexiglass in windows


    number of windows that do not open 3

    knob with mechanism in the door yes

    terrace with balustrade yes

    shutter set Yes

    window sill set Yes

    a set of flower pots yes

    chimney Yes

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