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High-quality fireplace portal with an arch. Art deco fireplace console, hampton,
  • High-quality fireplace portal with an arch. Art deco fireplace console, hampton,

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    An exceptionally beautiful and very impressive fireplace portal and a fireplace console in a unique style.

    The fireplace console is made in a classic form, enriched with a decorative hatch and carvings that additionally emphasize the character of the whole.

    The casing is made of wooden board, painted with specialized acrylic paint for wood.

    It will fit perfectly into Provencal, Hampton, Art Deco or modern interiors.

    It is perfect as a place to display candles, unique accessories, etc.



    Height - 87 cm

    Length - 124 cm

    Length with top:

    side width -25 cm



    Detailed information:


    material: 18 mm thick carpentry board - the material has a five-layer structure, filled with solid wood strips. Quality class: I, II EN 635 - 2 EN 635 - 3 - it is a very durable wooden material used in real furniture carpentry - it is not MDF.


    Finish: hypoallergenic paint with a matte finish, child safety certificate and PTA recommendation.


    ✔️ PRODUCTION: This product is carefully handmade in our small family workshop in southern Poland. By purchasing this product, you support honest craftsmanship and our development.

    We do not use semi-finished products, all elements are handmade based on our designs.


    ✔️ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: The wood we use comes only from sustainable crops, which have the necessary ISO, FSC certificates, safety certificates, and the National Institute of Hygiene certificate.


    ✔️ UNIQUENESS OF OUR PRODUCT: Each of our pieces of furniture is unique because it is a real handicraft, made by hand from start to finish. We focus our attention on details because we believe that the devil is in the details. By choosing our product, you can be sure of the solid and careful quality of workmanship. Our works are original designs of our brand.


    ✔️SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL ORDERS: We will also be happy to fulfill special requests (e.g. special size/color/pattern). Just write us a message and we will present you an individual offer.

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