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Bookcase with doors "City" pastel mint 160/60/40 cm
  • Bookcase with doors "City" pastel mint 160/60/40 cm

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    Bookcase from the City series with dimensions of 160/60/40 cm in the color of pastel mint. Thanks to the original form of workmanship, they will be not only a practical but also an extraordinary element of children's interior. Racks are very functional and allow you to store a large number of items. Each piece of furniture is equipped with anti-slip legs and wall mounting brackets. The interiors of closed racks remain unfinished, protected with a water-based varnish. Detailed information: material: blockboard, 18 mm thick. The material has a five-layer structure filled with solid wood slats. Quality class: I, II EN 635 - 2 EN 635 - 3 Finish: hypoallergenic paint with a matte finish, with a child safety certificate and PTA recommendation. Detailed equipment: Tip-on system - the door without handles can be opened easily by lightly pressing. The door swings to a position convenient for the user for further opening. To close them, just press the front slightly. Blum furniture hinges with a brake and a soft close. Each piece of furniture is equipped with brackets to secure it to the wall to prevent it from tipping over. Colors: Any of the available 5 original colors. The waiting time is up to 30 days. The furniture is permanently assembled and in this form sent to the customer on a pallet in order to ensure maximum safety during transport. The transport price does not include the delivery service.
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