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Carved Dogie bed
  • Carved Dogie bed

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    Unique bed for a dog that is not only original, but comfortable above all and easy in keeping clean.

    Dogie model was equipped with a beautiful carved headboard.

    The furniture is entirely made of wood , painted with a specialized antiallergic wood paint resistant to moisture and damage.
    The cover is made of pleasant, dirt-resistant material.

    The fabric is safe - meets the requirements of the EU Regulation on harmful chemicals (REACH) No. 1907/2006 annex XVII.
    The lair is intended for small and medium breeds.


    The covers are machine washable.
    height - 23 cm
    width -51 cm
    length - 70 cm

    The dimensions of the headboard are 70/21 cm


    * delivery time is up to 16 days.

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