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Solid grille, wooden radiator casing. Nice white radiator casing
  • Solid grille, wooden radiator casing. Nice white radiator casing

    Sales Tax Included

    Solid cover, radiator casing in a classic style, made to measure.

    The highest quality radiator cover, thanks to which you can hide a radiator or other unwanted interior element.

    The grille is made of the highest quality 18 mm thick carpentry board and wooden slats.

    Each housing has a hinged flap that allows access to the radiator thermostat.

    The price for 100 cm of construction is PLN 550.

    The waiting time for implementation is up to 20 days.

    ✔️ Nobility of the material (99.9% wood)

    We use slatted carpentry board to produce the grilles.

    The core of such a board are wooden strips glued together (usually made of coniferous wood), which, after leveling, are covered with one or several layers of hardwood veneer.


    For an additional fee, we also make undercuts for skirting boards or cutouts for pipes.

    Color changes are possible upon request.


    The wood we use comes only from sustainable crops that have the necessary ISO and FSC certificates. The paints we use have safety certificates and a PZH certificate.

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